Grand Lodge Of Utah

Grand Chancellor's Welcome: 

  I bring you Greetings from the Officers and Members of the Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias of Utah.

  It is a great pleasure to serve as the Grand Chancellor of this fine domain for the next two (2) years. Yes I have served in this office once before but this term is one that will hopefully be as productive as any in the past. Recently this domain passed legislation to have our conventions every two years instead of every year. This will give the Grand Chancellor more of an chance to get his programs in place and see them carried through.

  This term we as an organization will be working hard to serve our communities and to build an whole new organization within. We are looking forward to starting new lodges and adding to the already established lodges in the state.

  Our order is a proud organization built upon Friendship, Charity and Benevolence and that is what this domain will continue. Please be aware of the happenings within the Pythian Order here in Utah and please feel free to participate if you so desire.

  In closing, I would like to thank you for visiting our site and if you as a member (and non-member alike) feel the need to contanct me please feel free to e:mail me, and I will personally return either an e:mail, telephone call and or in person.

  My best to all........

Jeff Keith, PGC 
Grand Chancellor of Utah