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Grand Lodge Of Utah
Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pythianism ??

   Pythianism teaches moral lessons and self knowledge through participation in everyday life to exemplify the friendship of man as did Damon and Pythias.

   Pythianism offers its members an approach to life which seeks to install kindness of others in our communities, honesty in the business world, courtesy in society and fairness. Our members are to faithful in God and to the country in which he lives. However, members are encouraged to hold his family above all other.


Why Do People Join ??

     People join the Pythian Order for a variety of reasons. Some join as a result of a family tradition, others because of a friend inviting them to become members or plain curiosity of others.

     Those who become active members and grow within the Order enjoy it.  Active members are without a doubt find gratification in working in our communities, with the young people and all who may be in need.  However, the friendships acquired in the Order is a main reason people stay associated with the Knights Of Pythias.


Is Pythianism A Secret Society ??

   Pythianism is not a "Secret Society". However, lodge meetings like meetings of any other professional associations. They are private and open to members only.

   Passwords have always been a curious factor of any fraternal order.  Passwords were only given to members so that those who were not members could not enter and disrupt a "Members Only" meeting. As well, signs of courtesy are just that.  A sign to show courtesy to the officer(s) in charge.

   Rituals are only a guideline of proper procedure of official lodge openings, closings, and the transaction of business.


Is Pythianism A Religion ??
  Pythianism is not a religion. However, we show reverence to God in having the "Holy Bible" present at all regular meetings, and we open and close our meetings with prayer.

  Having a belief in God is an essential requirement to becoming a member.  The Pythian Order does however, encourages all of its members to be active in their respective churches and religions.

How Did Pythianism Start ??

   Pythianism was started by Justus H. Rathbone in Washington D.C. on the 19th, of February in 1864 as a way to re-unite a war torn U.S. at the ending of the Civil War.  It was designed to get a common bond between the North and the South.

   Inspired by a play of friendship of Damon and Pythias, Justus Rathbone wrote our ritual following the guidelines of this friendship. The Knights Of Pythias was accepted and chartered by an Act of Congress of the United States and the rest is history.


Is Pythianism Involved In Politics ?? 

  The Pythian Order is definitely not a political organization, it has no political agenda, and streamline politics is not permitted at a regular lodge meeting. 

   Pythianism tends to attract those who have a concern for people and sense of public responsibility and purpose.  Therefore, those with political ties are treated equally as any dues paying member.


What  Happens At The Meetings ??

   The meetings are open to all members in good (dues paying) standing. Items are discussed of events being planned, sick and disstressed members or non members, the happenings in the community, functions and charities. There is always jovial conversation and everyone is encouraged to take part in the discussions.

   These meetings are also to petition and ballot on new members, election of officers, installation of new officers. The installation of new officers may be an open meeting upon a dispensation by the Grand Chancellor of the Domain, so family members, friends and prospective members may attend to see what happens in our lodges.


Is Pythianism Masonic ??

  The Knights Of Pythias has no relation to the Masonic,  Moose,  Eagles,  Elks,  I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows), or any other fraternal order. The Knights Of Pythias is a fraternal order all its own. As well, we have members of all orders mentioned join in our ranks. But the Knights Of Pythias has its very own identity.

Who can Join ???

     The membership of our lodges are built
with men of all faiths who are law abiding,
of good moral character between the ages
of 18 and older and have a belief in God
and Country.

     The Knights Of Pythias is a multi-racial
and multi-cultural organization. Its members
come from all sectors of society.

     There are similar auxiliaries the Pythians
off for ladies and youth as well.