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Grand Lodge Of Utah


Pythian  Sisters
   The Pythian Sisters, an independent auxiliary of the Order Knights of Pythias. It was founded on October 23, 1888 with the first Temple located in Warsaw, IN. 

   The color combinations of the Pythian Sisters emblem are arranged around the room. The colors:  White, representing Purity;  Red, for Love;  Yellow, representing Equality; and Blue, symbolic of Fidelity. These principals are the foundation that the Pythian Sisters have built their Temples.
   To be eligible for membership in a Temple, a woman must not be less than the age of sixteen (16) of good moral character, and be a believer in a Supreme Being. The Pythian Sisters have sponsored in the past United Cerebral Palsy in both the United States and Canada, and currently signed on to help work with the Special Olympics. The organization as well helps all other charities and those that are in need of assistance.
   The Pythian Sisters maintain a youth organization with like purposes called "The Sunshine Girls" for girls ages 8-20. For further information on the Pythian Sisters please contact us and we will get information out to you.




   The Junior Order Knights of Pythias is an organization for men 12-18 years of age, which affords preliminary training in the principles of fraternity. 

   It is maintained to promote patriotism, health, character and clean living. The order strives to gather the young men in the common fraternity of high ideals.

   The Junior Order is sponsored by a local Knights Of Pythias Lodge.  These young men also learn to conduct their meetings and responsibility.   As well as working in their community and helping make the world a better place. 


The Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan is the "playground" of the Knights of Pythias. We are known for our fez and fun times. 

It's sole mission, in addition to conducting substantial altruistic work, is to encourage a more intimate Pythian acquaintance and closer brotherhood. 
At this time only Pythian Knights are eligible for membership. 

This group also has a recognized ladies auxiliary called the " Nomads of Avrudaka".